Monday, May 14, 2007

Life in A..... Metro

Hmm... so once again up with a review.... read on...
After a hard-hitting ‘Gangster’.... Anurag Basu now comes up with ‘Metro’... a multi-layered story revolving around several characters.... Each story is stacked with another and are somehow connected to character(s) in another.

And there are ppl like Rahul [Sharman Joshi], Neha [Kangana Ranaut], Ranjeet [Kay Kay Menon], Shikha [Shilpa Shetty], Akash [Shiney Ahuja], Shruti [Konkona Sen Sharma] and Debu [Irrfan Khan].... who come together in ths METRO.... "One city. Countless Emotions".

Shruti (Konkona Sen Sharma) is a 30 yr old girl who still has no love in her life. She meets Debu (Irrfan Khan), a possible suitor, but rejects him... Shruti has a crush on a RJ at the radio centre she works in. But her small fling with him ends with a shocking revelation.

Shikha (Shilpa Shetty), Shruti’s elder sister, is married to Ranjeet (Kay Kay Menon) and has a 6 yr old daughter. There is no love left between Shikha and Ranjeet. Theirs is more like a marriage of compromise.

Ranjeet is the boss in a BPO firm. In the same office.... works Rahul (Sharman Joshi) who lives in his uncle’s flat, which is often used by his colleagues and seniors for.... ah... no words to say.... Rahul obliges his seniors because he wants to rise up to managerial levels in his office... (hard to believe .. tht all ths cld be real)

Rahul has a crush on Neha (Kangana Ranaut), his colleague. He doesn’t know that Neha is in a relationship with Ranjeet, until the day Ranjeet asks Rahul for the key to his flat to ‘spend time’ with Neha.

On the other hand..... therz a series of brief encounters between Shikha and Akash (Shiney Ahuja).

Akash is a theatre artist who does his rehearsals next to an Old Age home tht Shikha regularly visits to meet her former teacher Shivani (Nafisa Ali).

Dharmendra plays Amol.... Shivani’s lover from the past who comes back into her life to spend his last days with her.

Neha chases Rahul. Shikha chases Akash. Debu chases Shruti.

Oh... now i wont narrate whole story over here... but wld surely put some best points which i liked v.much in the movie...

1. The constant fights of Shilpa nd Kay Kay Menon or teh serious immersed-in-lust relation of Kay Kay and Kangana make you look forward to what 'worse' could happen next.

2. When 38 year old Irrfan Khan [who likes to be called 35] takes a 'lil younger Konkana Sen to the top of the terrace and vent with a scream.... tht chhillaao.... sab gussaa bahar nikaalo... zor se chhilaao... nikaalo... nikaalo nikaalo... nd thn... he pats her on the back and says... "Good job, your servicing is done. Now live on with life."

And later in the film..... when Konkana finally realizes her love for him.... a flabbergasted Irrfan asks with a quizzical expression... "oh.... pehle batanaa thaa naa.... "sab blouse aur peticoat to uske naap ke siilaaye hai (the one whom he was getting married).... i tell u ths was the best ya..... the person sitting next to me.... jst jumped off his chair laughing.... it was too good..

3. Sharman has always been adorable.... he delivers yet another contrasting yet noteworthy performance after STYLE and RDB.... He is really v.cute.... Here too... he actually makes you weep a tear as he plays a role which Shahrukh Khan describes as his saddest ever in YES BOSS. He is a man who just knows two words - YES BOSS, esply. whn someone wants the keys to hs apartment...

4. Kangana and Shiney may have relative smaller parts..... but they ensure tht they do a good job in the limited screen time they get. And frm Kay Kay.... it is now quite obvious to expect nothing but a very good performance.

5. Moments between Dharmendra and Nafisa are feel-good to begin with. Scenes like Dharmendra jumping the railway tracks to meet the woman..... whom he had left 40 yrs back or eating 'kheer' directly from a 'kadai' makes make u adore the man all over again.

6. And can i forget..... the manner... the entire BAND METRO is placed. Comprising of Pritam, James, Soham and Suhail.... the band comes at jst the right places in the film nd brings an altogether never-experienced-before mood to storytelling.

7. The film belongs to each nd every character in the film but.... if someone stands out.... it is "Irrfan Khan". Shilpa looks extremely gorgeous even in daily wear..... while Konkana proves yet again tht she deserves to be utilized more for her immense acting abilities.

Though for some situation.. its hard to believe it to be real metro life... ya.. i cld be wrong... nyways.. In short... a nicely crafted movie.... ought to be seen once.... :)


Mehak said...

Hey Urvi...very nice review...I saw the movie today..& loved the movie...fultu enjoy kara!!! :)

Prakash Venkat said...

Wow that was some review ... So I have to see the movie to know the story ... u only introduced charecters ... Movie is abt not so real things, its a creative imagination .. so some things might not sound real :)

Mehak said...

Konkana & Irfan were the BEST...Kay Kay performance too was fab...

Shilpa Shetty has got tooo perfect a the end I was sad...cuz Dashing Shiney was left alone :(

Urvi said...

@PV... yaa true its jst an creative imagination... some thngs r completely unrealistic. But.. characters hav done a v.good job.

Urvi said...

@Mehak... I too loved Irfaan nd Konkana's performances..

And yes... shilpa is looking gorgeous yaar... yaa.. me too felt sad for shiney... i really like how excellently he performs his every role... :)

And yes.. apart from all ths... the Band was to good ya.

Mehak said...

Yaa the songs are really nice...slowly slowly they grow on u...but then whenever those 3 black men used to come on the frend n me used to start chutta nahin hai n all that just for fun :)