Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Beautiful Wedding

Two days passed.. nd m jst finding some time to update my blog. Am completely occupied with lot of wrk.. but cldnt stop myself from dropping a small post. So… here it is… :)

After a funfilled Ros Ceremony.. came a beautiful wedding day. Everyone reached Church on time. Its lovely Church… newly constructed. Nafu was looking v.beautiful in her wedding gown nd melwin (bridegroom) was looking very smart, good to see tht he has reduced those extra pounds. During college times, he was quite healthy n overweight thn after graduation for sometime he worked here in India and thn shifted to Kuwait. Nafu nd melwin had committed each other whn they were in final yr of graduation. Yaa.. forgot to say… bestmen and their respective bridesmaids were looking v.nice. And how can i 4get... v all were looking beautiful... :P

Everyone took their seats. It was a wedding in context of mass started with a musical procession of Entrance rite called Introductory rite where Father introduced bride n bridegroom and their respective families greeting them with a song. Thn ther was an Opening Prayer and after that some holy readings by Father.

Thn came Rite of Marriage where the priest asked the couple some questions about the faithfulness to each other, acceptance and upbringing of children.

Thn there was exchange of consent of each other, thn blessing of rings by the priest and thn exchange of rings followed by some readings and once the rings were exchanged, the priest offers his blessings and asks bridegroom to giv a lovely wedding kiss to her bride.

Thn therz presentation of gift to the preist such as fruits , Candles – as symbol of light, bread & wine, clothes, and finally some cash (each one has some symbol behind it.. but don remember it :( ...)

Again, ther are some more prayers… some holy songs, and thn final blessings.

Finally the priest asked to collect holy water as the blessings and as ther were some non-catholics whom they asked to collect Rose as a blessing.

Now.. it was a time for reception. As ther was some time for reception to start.. so v all decided to go to roshni’s place, had some tea n breakfast n went on talking, talking n talking, as clock was showing 8pm so everyone realized tht v shld move to reception venue.

Thank God.. v reached on time.. the couple was jst entering…. It was beautifully organized. Everyone was given a balloon in their hands… and were asked to stand near the stage making a big round. As the couple came forward followed by their bestmen n their resp. bridesmaid.. small introduction of them was given by the organizer, followed by cake cutting, the moment they cut the cake.. v were asked to raise the balloons in the air.. It was really looking beautiful.

Everyone settled.. and thn Sebi, nafu’s bro was asked to raise a toast. He did it v.nicely. Thn the couple visited everyone’s table to greet n to take blessings.

Thn came a Dance time… couple was askd to start a dance march, everyone following thm, n thn making tunnel and everyone passing thru tht tunnel. It was fun. V enjoyed dancing on some bollywood numbers :)).

V all had dinner and the clock was showing 11.30pm. As it was too late so v decided to stay back at nimi’s place as v al were meeting after a long time… went home and as usual kept on gossiping till late night. It was a real fun… had a gr8 time.... njoyed a lot… :)


Mehak said...

WOW...very nice description of the wedding Urvi......was imagining the balloon scene...& you all dancing....

Enjoyed reading your post...

Urvi said...

@mehak... yaa.. it was v.nice wedding... experienced somethng different from usual baraat n saat phere stuff...

It was a real fun.. :)

Mehak said...

Merry Christmas & New Year Wishes to you too!!!