Saturday, December 02, 2006

Is It Fair.....???

We all know abt the violence and riots that took place two days back all over Maharashtra. Its agreed that, vandalisation of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's Statue might have hurt the sentiments of the dalit community.

We too respect him equally But, is it fair to create violence and destruction all over and to destroy peace in the country? Is it fair to get so violent that you start destroying the property of ypur own country? Creating a panic everywhere by pelting stones over local trains nd ST busues, setting fire to trains and buses? Yaa... its agreed that you show your anger by protesting on streets, but y to get so violent which causes harm to the public and to its property. Isnt it ur equal responsibility and ur fundamental duty to protect it.

It was shocking tht on account of 3 burnt trains, the CR have suffered a loss of Rs 7 crores. But... Deccan Queen which was set ablaze.... has taken the biggest hit... 6 out of 17 coaches r completly rattled to ashes and now the train had been brought from Kalyan to Matunga Workshop for maintenance.


With each coach costing Rs 55 lakh, the damage to Deccan Queen is pegged at Rs 4 crore. Now the officials have to hunt 4 spares from the market so tht the train can run at the earliest.

According to the officials, Ulhasnagar station was also completely destroyed, necessitating construction of several installations from scratch and the station has suffered a loss of nearly Rs 20 lakh.

Now, does anyone has the answer tht who wld pay for all these damages and the losses in lakhs and crores tht our State has suffered? Isnt it a total waste of Taxpayer's money.....?? Dont these protestors realise tht they r ultimately destroying their very own property which comes from none other than their very own money. How can ppl b so furious n violent ? ts like v r finding solutions to the problems by detroying those very things which r actually meant 4 our own convenience. I dont understand wht they want to prove from all such protests...... The situation is forcing to take some major steps and to reform the legal policies of punishing such ppl who creates tension and destroys the peace by such offences..... 

If v look at the trends... no doubt our country has developed at a very fast pace during the last decade.... n is doing still better.... the economy is rising with a high speed.... but on the other side.... do v hav any answer abt such violence, those blasts, those rape and murder cases of Jessica Lall, Katara n Priyadarshini which r pending since years....?? All these actually makes us wonder…… Is our country really Shining......???


Prakash Venkat said...

I didnt even know this happened .... its so sad to know that it happened that way , but its the truth , thats the way our country is progressing , may be thats the way of natural evolution , once side the economy is rising and the other side internal and external terrorism ....

Mehak said...

This is the real state of our country...At one point we talk about a developing nation...India Shining..ha ha ha...and then we have incidents like these...which I guess will happen in the future too..HUM SUDHARE VALE NAHIN HAI

very nice post Urvi