Thursday, April 12, 2007

Golden Flower Shower


Yellow Peltophorum Tree - A spl. summer season tree


Also called as Peltophorum Dubium tree

15. light behind the shadow

Wow... Light behind the shadow... beautiful.... isn't it? :)

Hmm... Lets take a closer look....

23. the yellow carpet stays for weeks

Ah... flowers all over... it stays for weeks...

24. yellow & yellow reflection

Yellow & Yellow reflection :) Again.. lots of them

Wow... Golden carpet of yellow flowers... beautiful!!!

Yesterday .. after leaving office in the evening ... was walking down towards station... and wht i saw was these beautiful golden trees on both sides of the road.. showering those gloden flowers all over the road .. i was really feeling like i m walking on the yellow carpet of flowers... :)

Dont knw.. but it was such a wonderful feeling... i mean jst imagine tht.. u walking down on the road full of flowers.... nd while walking.. still those sweet trees.. showering more such flowers on u... It was amazing ya.. :)

These are spl. summer trees... they mainly bloom in ths season... nd makes wonderful yellow carpet by showering lots of flowers on the road... ths carpet stays for weeks...

Ok thn.. Have a nice time... nd njoi summer.. :)


Mehak said...

Summers are here!!!

Prakash Venkat said...

Wow .... till i read ur post I have never noticed the yellow flowers on the floor ..... I park my bike at my house under this tree which has these yellow flowers :)