Saturday, March 31, 2007

Can anyone say.. whoz more beautiful..???

Baat kahat rass rangg uuchaliitaa... baat kahat rass rang uuchhaliitaa.
Phoolan ke mehel biraajat douu... mandd sugandh.. nikat vahe saritaa.
Baat kahat rass rangg uuchhaliitaa.. baat kahat rass rang uuchaliitta.

Mukhh milaay hass dekhat darpan mein...
sundar shramit uur maal vigaliitaa.
Parmanand prabhuu prem vivashh bhaye...

Kahii hum mein.. sundar ko hai lalitaa...???

Baat kahat rass rangg uuchhaliitaa.. baat kahat rass rang uuchaliitta.

Hmm... As Summer has come adn temperature is really rising high... so ths is one of the beautiful kirtan which is sung these days at temple nd at our home as well.

It says tht... one sunny day... Krishna nd radha and all their frnds (sakhaas nd sakhiis) were having a good time at palace made of different variety of flowers.. it was so beautiful place wher so many flowers had made tht place so beautiful by spreading ther sweet frangrance all over.. nd on other side.. river was making sweet voice by flowing gently.

And Krishna nd Radha both were admiring each other's beauty and shringaar by looking into a mirror. And then they call one of their favourite sakhii 'Lalitaa' and ask her tht ... say lalitaa... whoz more beautiful from both of us...???

And u knw wht... as story says... tht whn they ask laliita.. Krishna feels tht she shld say Radha's name while Radhajii feels tht Laliitaaji shld say Krishna's name... hmm... wht a sweet nd lovely feeling.. isnt it?

Good one naa... me too humming it all day ... i jst love it :)

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Ricky said...

Wow!! Loved your post esp. the explanation and the story is very cute. Its kinda coincidence but I gave Radha-Krishna painting to my friend recently :)

Thanks for sharing!!