Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hello everyone!
Hope u guys had a wonderful Valentines day nd a colourful Holi :)

Hmmm.... so m back after a long break.
As my template says.... therz so much to tell... so much of talks to share with u all...

Here r some highlights. It all started with my 10 days trip to Gujarat to attend my cousin’s wedding at Porbandar. So first we (I and Mom) went to Jaamnagar to my Dad’s aunt’s place (2 days stay) missed going to Dwarka coz of shortage of time :( And then reached Porbandar, attended the wedding and also went to some good places over ther like Gandhiji’s House (Kirti Mandir) with 22 rooms, library, paathshala for kids, etc. beautifully maintained, Kasturba’s House (quite near from Gandhiji’s place), Sudamaapurii, Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna’s friend Sudaamaa, Harii Mandir (beautiful temple), etc and thn came to Rajkot (stayed at one more relative’s place) and came back to Mumbai.

Gandhiji & Kasturba's House

After 10 days break, got completely occupied with work at office, so much of wrk load, was working on Saturday as wel…:(

Aha… in between came Valentine’s day… sad part is I was on audit tht day… so cldnt even meet my frnds… :( Hope u all had a wonderful V Day :)
During ths busy week…. came one more festival called Holi – Festival of colours… hope u all had a colourful holi with lots of Abiir, gulaal, sprinklers nd aha most tasty Thandaai. As it is said that, ths is the festival which shows devotion of Bhakt (Prahlad) to Vishnu and the eternal friendship of Krishna nd gopis. We enjoy singing kirtans wher v all play pranks on Krishna like Aaj bhorr hii...nand poor hii... vrajnaariin dhoom machaaii, Kaajarvaarii gorii gwaarii.. yaa saawaliaa kii lagwaarii, Saachii kaho mannmohan moso.. toh kheluu tumm sang horii and "Harii Kaaro rii harii kaaro.. ye toh do baapan beechvaaro rii… harii kaaro rii harii kaaro"…ths is one of the best kirtan… Nd many such other kirtans which shows eternal friendship with Lord Krishna.. :) Missed all these this time.
Thn month end came nd we all had once again a much awaited Budget with

I-T exemption raised by Rs 10,000 and BCTT (Banking cash transaction tax) to kick in at Rs. 50,000 instead of Rs 25,000, Education cess raised from 2% to 3%.

Ceiling on deduction allowed for medical insurance premium raised to Rs 15,000; Rs.20,000 for senior citizens.

Dividend distribution tax (DDT) on companies raised from a basic rate of 12.5% to 15%; on money market MFs and liquid MFs, DDT hiked to 25%.

Peak customs duty on non-agricultural products brought down from 12.5% to 10%.

I-T surcharge removed on SMEs with taxable income of less than Rs 1 cr nd Service tax exemption limit on small service providers doubled to Rs 8 lakh.

Major shot was for IT firms will now have to pay min alternative tax (MAT) and Employee stock options (ESOPs) brought under FBT net.

Overall… Pay Tax, Tax nd more Tax.... not so good review for the budget as usual.

In the meanwhile… my Grandmom was not keeping well…got infection in lungs due to which she was unable to breathe…. and was hospitalized. Her condition worsened day by day… all 10 days on oxygen and saline…. we were all trying hard to make her all well… everyone of us having sleepless nights…. But as its all in God’s hands… the day came… it was sat… nd it was jst a normal day… she was feeling good, talked to everyone who all came to visit her… even promised mom tht now she wld start walking on her own once she reach home… her was shining… night passed safely… but…. Sunday early morning she got high temperature…. Nd her pulse rate started decreasing… she asked me to call everyone… nd I was scared… called up everyone. By 7.30 everyone was beside her…. Nd slowly slowly she closed her eyes nd left us forever…. all standing with tears in our eyes… speechless… helpless.

No doubt ur blessings wld always be ther with us but will always miss ur care and affection and above all ur presence. Missing u daadii.

Ok thn.. m signing off now… Hey.. Belated Happy Women's Day to all beautiful ladies :) and now waiting for World cup… ICC Champion’s Trophy ….
Wishing Good luck and All the very best to Our Team India… Just do it :)

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Mehak said...

Hey Urvi..good to see you back..with a long update...So, you've been v busy...