Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Unique Insight

Just take some time off to see this clip named 'Hostel' a public service film created by 4 mumbaikars which left some strong impressions on the minds of people for which no. of ppl came forward to pledge their eyes.

The clip starting with a group of hostel children splashing colours on the occasion of Holi. U feel so nice.... childrens spraying colours on each other nd running around.... dirtying the corridors.

But.. to one's surpirse... the clip ends with the hostel warden wiping the colours off their white canes. And ... slowly... the colours r washed away nd u can see the board of ‘Smt Kamla Mehta Dadar School for the Blind’.

The last scene of a child asking the warden.... wht the colour green looks like?... It really made me cry.

Yes... the movie conveys one motivating msg tht 67 ppl, including the creators of the film.... hav agreed to donate their eyes after seeing this film.

These ppl came up with ths innovative idea nd posted it on youtube.. And u knw wht... within the first week itself, they had 7,000 hits.... with many ppl approaching the Eye Bank Association of India (EBAI) with pledges flooded with no. of calls and emails.

One can fill an online form pledging their eyes or they can alternatively call the eye bank helpline 1919 for details.


Mehak said...

I saw this clip on TV some days back...& it brought tears to my eyes...We take our eyesight for granted....never imagine how things would be without our eyes.

The clip is soo happy-happy...& in the end one realizes that its for a Blind School. I'd say a very imaginative & strong way to put across the message.

Good to see you posting regurarly Urvi...:)

Ricky said...

Amazing Ad Urvi. Its so very effective. And to think that it is made by amateurs is really worth noting. YouTube is now giving opportunities to filmmakers and Ad-makers to put their Ads without needing a degree to prove their credentials.

I am glad to see that as Mehak said, the Ad overall has a happy feel and you don't feel pity for these kids, you feel love for their innocent ways...

Prakash Venkat said...

An amazing video .... very touching ......... Very nice way of putting across the message .......